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Casio FX-CG50 Colour Graphic subsidised by the Casio CTA Scheme  <span style='color: #ff0000;'>For UK Educational Establishments only</span>Casio FX-CG50 Colour Graphic subsidised by the Casio CTA Scheme For UK Educational Establishments only

Specially for UK schools, academies, colleges and universities only. Benefit from this special, subsidised price courtesy of Casio UK.

All orders for this product at this price must be delivered to a UK educational establishment and regrettably, this offer is not open to private individuals. Any order at this subsidised price which is not for an educational establishment will be immediately refunded and cancelled.

Price:   69.95 ( 83.94 Including  VAT at 20% )


Casio FX-CG50 - Teacher Trial Pack

If you are considering using the CG50 graphical calculator in your teaching, we are delighted to offer you a very special price on a single trial edition. This exclusive pack contains everything to get you started quickly and easily. It will allow you to discover new approaches to teaching mathematics in just a few minutes.

Each teacher package includes:
- One Casio fx-CG50, the latest colour graphic and the most popular in the UK.
- A ‘Quick Start Guide’ to get you using the calculator efficiently within a few minutes.
- A ‘Getting Started Guide’ that builds upon your experience and addresses directly teaching of new A level topics using the fx-CG50.
- Free classroom support including video resources, training and much more!

This offer is only available to bona-fide UK schools who have not purchased a trial pack or CG50 previously. Trial packs are not available on our website and must be ordered by school purchase order, email or ‘phone.

Please call 01869 344500 to order, or email us at for ordering information


Price:   69.95 ( 83.94 Including  VAT at 20% )
Casio FX-CG50 - Teacher Trial Pack


Casio FX-CG50 Colour Graphing calculator for individual purchasesCasio FX-CG50 Colour Graphing calculator for individual purchases

The large, high-resolution colour display with natural illustration shows fractions, square roots and other numerical expressions in the same way as they appear in maths textbooks. Features include;

-Catalogue Function
-High-resolution colour display with over 65,000 colours
-8 lines with 21 characters
-Innovative image plot application for photo and video analysis
-7 colours can be used in various applications
-Colour-coding to simplify understanding
-Natural V.P.A.M. – natural input and output
-Solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions
-Solve overdetermined and underdetermined equations
-Matrix operations
-Vector analysis
-Unit conversion
-Random simulations
-Pre-installed geometry add-in
-Backlit screen
-Formulary as an add-in

Available from stock for immediate dispatch.

NEW! Calculator engraving service! Choose to have your new calculators engraved with school name, department, a logo or almost anything of your choice! Click HERE for details!

Buying on behalf of your school, college or academy? Call us now on 01869 344500 for special pricing and support courtesy of the Casio Technology Advantage scheme! 

Price:   83.95 ( 100.74 Including  VAT at 20% )


Casio FX-9860G-III Graphical Calculator

The latest in a successful line of Fx9860G calculators offering a solid introduction to advanced calculators and very suitable for mathematics A level studies.
USB connection now allows quick and easy O/S updates, data transfer for uploading standardised lists and screen grabs for use in worksheets. Enhanced by a faster processor and a modern design, the fx9860G-III is the perfect introduction to graphing technology.

The fx-9860G-III features a natural, textbook display making it possible to display fractions, exponents, logarithms, surds, derivatives, integrals and sigma summation just as they are written in the textbook. Functions include:
• Vector calculation (products, angle, magnitude)
• Geometry drawing
• Spreadsheet capability
• Statistical modelling
• Python programming language
• Examination mode


Please call 01869 344500 or email for availability and ordering options.


Price:   63.95 ( 76.74 Including  VAT at 20% )
Casio FX-9860G-III Graphical Calculator


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