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Welcome to our new look website!

Established in 1989, Oxford Educational Supplies aimed to offer the best mathematical technology to schools, universities, students, teachers, and parents.

Today, we are trusted by schools all over the UK and the world to select and supply the best educational technology for teachers and for schools. We are officially the largest distributor of Casio calculators and only direct distributor of Texas Instruments in the UK!

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Autumn Term 2023

The brand-new Casio fx83GT-CW, fx85GT-CW and fx991-CW ClassWiz models are in stock and available to order now.

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Replacing the GT-X models, these new models feature a simplified keypad with menu navigation and seveal new features, all with a new, clear display.

Oxford Educational Robotics

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We are excited to be launching Oxford Educational Robotics, which aims to make teaching and learning more dynamic, forward-thinking and appropriate for all!

Introducing our range of four programmable robots, all designed and recommended to improve the teaching and learning across STEM subjects. Replace your worn out robots, update old stock or expand your teaching by introducing our new programmable robotic teaching aids to your classroom!

Visit our website and browse our catalogue for more details!

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