Useful Links

Texas Instruments CalculatorsTexas Instruments
In addition to useful product info & tutorials, you'll find cool stuff like contests, freebies, games, & more. 

Casio CalculatorsCasio Education
Casio has been active in the development of electronic calculators, and other devices since 1957. Casio's activities are guided by the motto: "Creativity and Contribution."

Calculator Software Calculator Software
Providing software that runs on Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators that has been used extensively with all ages and abilities in many UK schools since 1999.




Fun links!

Some good sites for games and programs are: Vintage Calculators
A celebration of old calculators showing the evolution from mechanical calculator to hand held electronic calculator. Great nostalgia trip for the forty-somethings!

icodeVintage Calculators
Icode is a new project for children between 5 and 14 years who are curious about coding and want to learn to code. With icode, the aim is by helping children learn to code, they will be able to take control of their own learning. 


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