"Technology to inspire!"

Student Calculators is a division of OES (Oxford Educational Supplies) Ltd created especially to service the calculator needs of students of all ages - schools, colleges and universities.

We appreciate that it is critical to your success that you have the most appropriate and very best calculator technology available to you to enhance your studies. We want to provide you with technology that enables you to enjoy your study more and to be able to work in greater depth. Therefore, we are very careful to ensure that all our calculator products are accepted in schools and colleges and are suitable for your particular area of study. If we have failed in anyway, we will refund you in full!

At the request of students and educators alike, we have tried to create a website that is easy and quick to use, that offers value-for-money in all products offered and makes the selection and purchasing process of our calculator products as straightforward as possible.

We hope you like it! Your comments are always welcome on info@oxford-educational.co.uk

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