What calculator?

Features of the TI89 Titanium advanced calculator

• Compatible with TI-89 Apps, programs, curricular materials and keystrokes for easy integration with current technology.
• Built-in USB port supports quick unit-to-unit communication, and flexibility to connect with a computer or presentation technology.
• Contains a USB cable for a fast and stable connection to a computer, making downloading of software Apps easy .
• Connects each unit (student and teacher models) to the ViewScreen™ panel or TI-Presenter™. via a USB connector. Now each student can share
his or her progress with others in the class.
• New metallic colour and modern design.
• 3.5x memory of the TI-89 for easy management and organisation of data files and Apps.
• Includes the icon desktop available on the Voyage™ 200.
• Stores up to 19 Apps. 13 pre-loaded: Calendar, CellSheet™, Contacts, EE•Pro®, Finance, Notefolio™, Planner, Polynomial Root Finder,
Simultaneous Equation Solver, Statistics with List Editor, StudyCards™, Symbolic Math Guide, Tasks.
Key Product Features:
• Memory available to the user: ROM = 2.7 MB, RAM = 188 KB.
• High resolution display: 100 x 160 pixels on a high-contrast display allow easy viewing of information, including split screen capability.
• CAS (Computer Algebra System) for algebra, calculus and matrix algebra, enabling manipulation of mathematical expressions and functions.
• Functions of a matrix.
• Electronic upgradeability for maintenance upgrades and new software downloads.
• Graphs functions, parametric equations, polar equations, recursively-defined sequences, 3-dimensional surfaces and differential equations.
• Real-time rotation of 3-D surfaces and contour graphs help you visualise in 3-D.
• Analytical and numerical solution of differential equations.
• Constants and unit conversions.
• Statistical regressions.
• Calculation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
• Text and data editors for managing data, matrices and scripted programs (or simple textual information).
• Pretty Print option shows input and output as it would be written mathematically.
• Supports different language programming (TI-Basic and Z80 Assembly).
• Active home history screen can hold up to 99 previous equations for deep recall.
• Catalogue of built-in functions provides syntax listings for every command and function.  



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