What calculator?

Features of the TI-36X II

• 11-digit scrollable entry line, with 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent.
• Two-variable statistics: Enter/delete/insert/edit individual statistics data elements.
• 2 constant operators: help build tables and develop concepts of multiplication, division and unit-of-measure conversions.
• Memory retention feature retains previous entries, memory values, and individual statistics elements.
• Scientific and Engineering notations.
• 5 memories, 20 English/metric conversions, and 11 physical constants.
• Octal, Decimal, and hexadecimal number bases.
• Boolean logic operations.
• Complex number calculations.
• “Equation Recall” feature allows to recall, view, edit and correct previous entries and statistical data.
• Conversion: Fractions/Decimals; Degrees/Radians/Grads; DMS (Degrees-minutes-seconds)/Decimal/Degrees.
• EOS™ (Equation Operating System™) for equation entry.
• Battery powered.



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