What calculator?

Features of the TI-30X IIB and TI-30X IIS

The new 2-line scientific calculators which optimally match the curriculum. Now with "Equation Recall" function to recall, view and correct previous entries and statistical data. The TI-30X IIB is battery operated and the TI-30X IIS is solar powered.

Key Features

11-digit scrollable entry line, with 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent

Two-variable statistics

"Equation Recall" feature allows to recall, view, edit and correct previous entries and statistical data.
Screen can be scrolled and edited in four directions.
Fraction conversion and calculation.
Trigonometric calculations (including hyperbolic functions) in DEG, RAD, or GRAD.
Polar and rectangular coordinates.
Degrees, minutes, seconds.
Combinations and permutations.
5 memories.
EOS™ (Equation Operating System) for equation entry.



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