What calculator?

Features of the TI-15

The 2-line learning tool

Key Features

• Combines all the features of a fraction calculator with the functionality of an arithmetic trainer, enabling different activities for classroom or home use.
• 2-line display shows entries and results at the same time.
• Shows operations with stacked fractions or mixed numbers and simplifies automatically or step by step.
• Choose to display results as fractions or mixed numbers.
• Division with results displayed as quotients and remainders, fractions, or decimals.
• 2 constant operations with counters.
• Simple menus let you select the right settings for any classroom needs.
Problem solving: allows the student to enter a problem, guess at a solution, get visual feedback or hints, guess again, and get a solution after 3 incorrect guesses.
• Choose from 3 levels of difficulty.
• Choose from +, x, -, ÷ or find the operation.
• Solar and battery powered.
• Protective cover and manual included.



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