What calculator?

Features of CBL 2™

An easy to use data collector that works with the Texas Instruments graphing hand-helds. Collect data with more than 40 sensors! The CBL 2 can be used in maths and science.

— Three sensors are included: light, temperature and voltage, and a wide range of compatible Vernier sensors for maths, biology, physics and chemistry are also available (see list of accessories below).
— Flash memory means you can add Hand-held Software Applications (Apps), upgrade the operating system and store the results from multiple experiments.
— Multipurpose data collection software is built into the CBL 2 data collection system. This automatically identifies sensors and loads default experiments.
— If you wish you can collect data without the calculator using auto-ID sensors. Reconnect to a calculator or computer to retrieve and analyse the data.
— Collect approximately 12,000 data points (depending on memory) at rates of up to 50,000 points per second. Four channels are available for data collection.
— CBL 2 is compatible with the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200.

The following accessories are included:
4 AA batteries, three sensors, a unit-to-unit link cable (to communicate with a graphing hand-held), a docking cradle, a manual and a resource CD with electronic manual, including program information, computer software and free Hand-held Software Applications (Apps) with manuals.

Additional Vernier sensors are available including:
25-g Accelerometer, 3-Axis Accelerometer, Barometer, Biology Gas Pressure sensor, CO2 Gas Sensor, Colorimeter, Conductivity Probe, Current & Voltage Probe System, Direct-Connect Temperature Probe, Dual-Range Force Sensor, EKG sensor, Exercise Heart Rate Monitor, Flow Rate Sensor, Gas Pressure Sensor, Instrumentation Amplifier, Low-g Accelerometer, Magnetic Field Sensor, Microphone, O2 Gas Sensor, Photogate, pH system, Radiation Monitor, Relative Humidity Sensor, Respiration Monitor belt, Stainless Steel Temp Probe, Student Force sensor, Student Radiation Monitor, Thermo couple Turbidity Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.




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